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House of Myth- Gwendolyn Verne by baroquestarlet House of Myth- Gwendolyn Verne by baroquestarlet
EDIT: Switched out the old art for their updated designs. I much prefer the new art. <33

Done with my app for :iconhouse-of-myth:! :3 Been working on this during my free time the past few days, and I quite like how it turned out! =w= If there's anything that needs to be changed, please let me know! ^^



Name: Gwendolyn Verne

Nickname(s): Gwen
Gender: Questioning gender identity but prefers female pronouns
Age: 14
Birthday: April 17th, 1999

House: Giants
Rank: Head Soldier
Level: 3

Gwen is upbeat and imaginative with a passion for telling stories because of her father, who's a novelist. Often her head is in the clouds, causing her to zone out and lose awareness of her surroundings, but then she'll burst out into rambling endlessly out of nowhere. Gwen is also childish and hates losing to others. Although she is normally calm, under stress she is short tempered and quick to snap at people, but will feel remorse immediately afterward. She also often gets annoyed if the person she's talking to can't keep up with her. Gwen possesses an immense curiosity and hates not knowing what's going on. This inquisitiveness is what makes her determined to understand the spirits. However, her curious nature often comes off as nosy and gossipy to others. Her curiosity and longing for knowledge also cause her to make reckless decisions and get herself into trouble.

-Writing stories
-Fantasy novels
-Being outside/nature
-Listening to music

-Being patronized


Gwendolyn Verne comes from a fairly typical middle class family. Both of her parents are writers, leading to her early love of storytelling and reading. Because her parents were more often than not struggling with deadlines when she was younger, Gwen often played with her twin brother, Ellis. Both of them loved to play outside in the woods, climb trees and pretend to be powerful heroes. To no avail, Gwen's mother tried to push her to be more lady-like. But Gwen never took much of an interest in being more "girly". Playing with dolls or pretending to be a princess sounded dull to her compared to being a fearsome warrior. Because of the pressure to be more like a girl, at an early age Gwen didn't quite feel comfortable in her own body, as if she didn't feel like she was the pretty little girl her parents were raising her up to be.

Gwen moved to Meansville when she was eleven years old. With middle school came the formation of cliques among friends who had known each other since elementary school. Unfortunately, the girls at her school never seemed to click with her because of her "tomboyish" attitude, while many boys wouldn't give her the time of day either. Meanwhile, her brother had moved on to find his own group of friends and had begun to spend less time with her. Before Gwen learned about the Houses, she spent the majority of her time exploring the forest alone. It was also during this time that Gwen began seriously questioning her gender identity. As she thought more about who she was, the more she began to feel like she wasn't complete describing herself as either a boy or a girl. But the society adults created seemingly held no place for those who refused to conform to one side or the other, so Gwen kept these newfound feelings to herself.

During one of her usual walks through the forest, something glittering in a stream caught Gwen's eye. The object called out to her. Find me quickly, human. You shall be my host. Although she was initially frightened, Gwen couldn't help but investigate. Upon inspection, the object appeared to be an old fountain pen. It was a token without a host, perhaps lost by one of the Houses. As soon as Gwen picked it up, she had unintentionally bonded with a spirit, a mighty warrior twice her size. He possessed an almost feminine form, but there was a power in him that demanded respect. Part of her wanted to bolt out of the forest when she saw him, but Gwen couldn't help but admire him and his heroic appearance. The spirit revealed that he had no name, prompting her to name him Xanthe.

Soon enough, a token forger a couple years older than her from House of Giants came looking for the pen. But when he saw it in her hands, he knew she had already bonded with a spirit. Although he was relatively small for a spirit born in the forest, Xanthe also appeared powerful and mighty for a spirit that had just been born, showing that Gwen had the potential to become a high ranking member of the House nonetheless. Besides, it was too late to take the token back anyway now that the spirit had chosen his host. The boy told her of the spirits and Houses that guarded the city from danger, and then offered her a chance to join the House of Giants. It all sounded ridiculous to her at first, yet she couldn't deny that one of those "spirits" had stood in front of her just earlier. The idea of communicating with another race of beings fascinated her, like uncharted territory yearning to be discovered. Gwen instantly agreed to join, thinking of the dangers she would be forced to face as nothing more but payment.

Although Gwen was tossed into the life of a House member the moment her pen called out to her, she reluctantly stayed by choice. Over the years, it was her curiosity to understand the spirits that compelled her to stay in the House, despite the pain she felt from seeing her friends grow up, become adults and gradually forget about the adventures they had with her. By the time she became fourteen years old, Gwen had climbed the ranks alongside her spirit to become the highly respected head soldier of House of Giants. Besides her official duties, Gwen also aims to learn more about the spirits and keeps a number of journals about her findings. It is unknown what she will do with her research once she graduates, but perhaps she doesn't quite know, herself.


Name: Xanthe
Gender: Neutral, usually referred to with male pronouns
Elemental Abilities:

Seismic Sense: To compromise for Xanthe's limited eyesight, he has the ability to sense even the smallest vibrations in the ground. This allows him to perceive his surroundings and sense structural weaknesses in buildings. However, he can only use this ability on solid ground, putting him at a disadvantage on sand, in water or in the air. His ability can also be used to tell if a person is lying by sensing the person's heartbeat.

Seismokinesis: Xanthe can unleash bursts of shockwaves to launch his foes back. These shockwaves aren't powerful enough to cause earthquakes, but can still ravage the battlefield. He can also absorb physical attacks over time to unleash a more powerful seismic wave, but this can leave him severely weakened if he overexerts himself.

Earth Manipulation: A newly discovered ability with Gwen's promotion to level 3, Xanthe can tear rocks out of the ground and launch them at speeds far faster than a swing of his blade if his opponent is out of range for melee attacks. Because he's not skilled in ranged combat yet, he'll often make up for his poor aim by just launching a bigger stone. He also can't manipulate anything that isn't very solid, like sand or soil, nor can he manipulate processed metal. As he gets more skilled in this ability, he may be able to manipulate a wider range of materials. He'll only use this ability if he is faced with a flying or especially evasive enemy. 

Weapon / Fighting Style:

Xanthe is usually highly offensive in battle, getting up close and personal and swinging at his opponents with his blade arm in wide sweeping motions . However, during just a friendly duel he'll mostly create shockwaves in the ground to knock back his opponent, while usually avoiding direct melee combat due to the risk of badly injuring the other spirit. Out of pride, he refuses to use any other weapons provided by his host. He is also able to withstand many physical attacks with his armor. However, because his eyesight is limited he must fight on solid ground so he can use his seismic sense, and is slowed down by the weight of his armor and blade.


Xanthe is a narcissistic and prideful warrior. Disciplined in battle, he strives for elegance when fending against his foes. Although Xanthe's cocky attitude causes him and Gwen to butt heads a lot, he also sees a bit of himself in her. Like Gwen, he is reckless and despises the thought of losing to someone lesser than him. Despite their differences, Xanthe is extremely loyal to his host and will fight for her until the end. In battle he's stoic and ruthless, often taking dangerous risks and ignoring any pain he feels. Out of pride, he refuses to appear anything but strong in front of Gwen and his enemy. However, the bloodshed has begun to bore him. Overtime he's become sick of facing petty criminals, and searches for an equal. As Gwen continues studying his kind, he too begins looking for answers to the nature of his existence.

Other information: 

- Xanthe's armor is heavily scratched and damaged from numerous battles. He also doesn't wear any armor on his blade arm to avoid weighing himself down further.

-Gwen has decided to avoid getting her brother involved in the Houses in fear of the dangers he would be forced to face. Her brother still knows she's a member of the Houses, and doesn't like the fact that she's willingly putting her life at risk for a fruitless cause. He and Gwen have grown more distant ever since she joined, especially now that she is a high ranking member of the Giants.

-Gwen is half English and half French, but grew up in the US. She speaks French semi-fluently.

- Although Gwen is pretty much average height, she still feels like she's shorter than others.

- Recently, Gwen has taken up meditation with Xanthe in her free time to see if she can connect with her spirit more this way, and thus gain more insight into the spirits. So far this has yielded no results.
-NEVER interrupt her meditation.

-Gwen is kind of a phone zombie. She always keeps her phone on hand and checks it often. She'll also freak out if she can't find it.

-Xanthe is smaller than most Giant spirits

-Both Xanthe and Gwen have a bit of a Napoleon complex

-Gwen dislikes thinking about relationships. She considers herself married to her work, and the idea of having a crush on someone scares her to no end.


:bulletpurple: Fellow Giants Member
:bulletwhite: Neutral
:bulletyellow: Acquaintance
:bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Good friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Best friend 
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletred: Love
:bulletorange: Uncertainty
:bulletblack: Dislike
:bulletblack::bulletblack: Hate

:bulletyellow::bulletorange: Vincent Serket: "We hung out a lot as kids, but times have changed. I'm a lot different now than I was back in elementary school, and I don't need someone trying to protect me from playground bullies anymore. But I'm not sure he's caught on..."

:bulletblack::bulletblack: Talia Warde: "I despise her. She's just so condescending and needs to get off her damn high horse. But she sure as hell hates me just as much, if not more."

:bulletorange: Ran Kurosawa: "She... really creeps me out. Let's just leave it at that."

:bulletwhite: Capri Brink: "Eh, I was hoping she would be just a little bit more exciting. But she really doesn't seem very fond of me. At all. Whatever, she was kind of boring me anyway." ((Awww Gwen. D: If only you weren't such an accidental meanie head. :T ))

:bulletwhite: Natashia Evans: "She seems like an interesting kid. It's rare to see a new recruit that's not afraid to stand up to the older hosts, and she sort of reminds me of myself when I was a level 1."

:bulletyellow: Lyza Connington: "Gah, what was I thinking? She probably thinks I'm a total creep now. I'm such an idiot."

:bulletyellow: Zyanya Tagula: "Zy seems nice, but I just wish we could have talked under better circumstances..."

:bulletpurple::bulletwhite: Echo Travers: "I don't know Echo well enough yet to have much of an opinion of her, but it's good to know that there are experienced hosts like her in the Giants House."

Roleplay example:

(From an rp with stuffy-chan >w< )

As Gwen made her approach, she was able to get a better look at the girl's spirit. It looked almost like some sort of cyborg or robot, and was humanoid like Xanthe. /Interesting/, she thought. Gwen called out to the girl as she walked, "Hey! Looks like you're another host--"
Gwen cut herself off when she noticed the other spirit looking straight at her and pointing something at her that emitted a sharp sound. It took her a second to realize what the spirit was pointing at her. /Holy shit, this thing has a gun too?/ Gwen took a deep breath, trying to keep calm. How was the girl not noticing her? Or the fact that her spirit was about to fire at her? "Hey, lady!" Gwen yelled out. "M-mind teaching your spirit some manners?... I mean it's awfully rude to point a gun at strangers." Gwen grasped her token in her pocket. If possible, she would prefer not to get into a pointless fight, but there was always the possibility that the girl was a rogue host. Then she would have no choice but to take action.
Xanthe was almost shouting at her in her mind. /Gwen, don't be stupid. It's obviously a spirit gone rogue, but I'll make quick work of him if you just summon me/.
Gwen shook her head. /Stand down, Xanthe. Let's be diplomatic for once. At least for now/.
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cyncii Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014

Uwahhh, what cool-looking characters~! If I were to guess, Gwen and Jem would get along just fine..!

Meep, I wish that I could draw characters as badass as that, though. I need to practice more.. ehhh.;;

baroquestarlet Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
Haha thank you!! ^w^ I love your characters too! <33 And I guess we'll just have to see~ >w<

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cyncii Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
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giraffegurl123 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Student Artist
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baroquestarlet Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
Haha Gwen is half English and half French. :3 And thanks~!
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Awww thanks Erin! ^^ I put a lot of thought into their designs haha
originalcoldplayer Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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originalcoldplayer Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Litriu Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome. I love that you sort of tied in the saying "The pen is mightier than the sword" in the design. They really are such incredibly cohesive designs.
baroquestarlet Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013
Aww that's great to hear! ^w^ I was actually worried about their designs being incoherent, considering I pretty much wanted to have a short kid character and a badass knight. XDD Thank you! :giggle:
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