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TBSP- [PLAYER 3] Ferdinand by baroquestarlet TBSP- [PLAYER 3] Ferdinand by baroquestarlet

EDIT: Updated Ferdy's design for after the Miss Hapen fight. uwu Now instead of a shitty D-list supervillain, he looks like a shitty James Bond villain. Great. .-.

Finally done with this guy asdf. I've been planning out this silly D-list supervillain character for a little while now with cyncii. ;w; It's kinda cool that he's finally an actual OC now though omg.


Name:  Ferdinand
Alias: The Glitch Meister
Gender: Male
Spawn point: City in the Sky
dB: 363

Physical Appearance: Ferdinand is a tall, dragonlike creature with huge black horns, a vertebrae-like tail and glowing green eyes. He wears a black coat and eye patch, having lost his eye in the fight with Miss Hapen. Ferdinand's right arm is an artificial limb that he uses in battle to copy other players' powers.

Voice: His voice is similar to the voice of Andrew Scott as Moriarty, from Sherlock.… His voice fluctuates often when speaking, and he tends to sound almost unnervingly childish at times.
Height: 6'5
Weight: 180 lb

Tech savvy
-Fashion design
-Strategizing in battle

Plotting and scheming
-Searching for glitches and exploits
-Designing new costumes
-Crafting new gadgets


-Ambitious: Ferdinand dreams big and always aims for success in everything he does. However, his ambition has given him a deep-seated fear of failure.

-Flamboyant: Ferdinand is extremely theatrical. He's the type that likes to do things with a bang, both metaphorically and literally. Whether its carrying out giant, extravagent schemes with plenty of precisely timed explosions, or designing new, elegant costumes (long capes and fire don't exactly mesh well, he's learned), Ferdinand favors "rule of cool" over practicality.

-Eccentric: Ferdinand tends to be a bit quirky and takes great pride in his eccentricities. The conventional bores him, so he puts a lot of effort into maintaining his image as a bizarre and unpredictable anti-hero.

-Manipulative: Despite his quirky demeanor, Ferdinand is cunning and deceitful, and is willing to go to great lengths to get what he wants. He is not above playing with others' emotions in order to reach his goals.

-Observant: Ferdinand is cold and calculating, especially in battle. He is careful to observe his foe's abilities and actions in order to figure out how to use their weaknesses against them.

-Impulsive: Although Ferdinand likes to think of himself as a skilled tactician, he is prone to acting on instinct rather than thinking things through when forced to make a decision on the spot. Therefore, he tends to easily overlook the consequences of his actions. 

-Tinkering with technology
-City in the Sky
-Aesthetic beauty
-Exploring the Dreamscape

- People who are fake
- People who are overly nice


-Spider Plushie- from Crawlerbug Boss Fight


Attack: 4/5 
Defense: 5/5
Speed: 2/5 
Agility: 3/5 
Endurance: 3/5 

Sanity: 1/5 
Confidence: 5/5
Bravery: 3/5 
Intelligence: 4/5 
Charisma: 3/5 

Weapon: Using his artificial arm, Ferdinand can temporarily copy another player's powers and abilities. In order to copy a power, Ferdinand aims the eye on the gauntlet at the player while they are using an ability. The device is powered by a magical core found in the center of the eye.

His default power is short-range teleportation, which he uses to swiftly approach his foes. However, his teleportation ability is rendered completely inactive once a copied ability is stored on the device. His default ability will remain inactive until the mimicked ability is deleted from the gauntlet.

The longer Ferdinand uses a power other his own, the more likely it is that the gauntlet will overload, making it far less effective until he can get the chance to repair it. If the core of the device is ripped out, Ferdinand's gauntlet will be rendered completely useless until he can retrieve it.

Ferdinand cannot copy the abilities of NPCs or bosses. He also can only mimic one power at a time, as the device does not store previously used powers in order to keep it from overloading. Furthermore, his power mimicry is largely dependent on observation. In order for Ferdinand to understand how to use a power most effectively, he must first observe how the other player's power works for a period of time.

But on the other hand, experimentation and figuring things out as he goes along is a lot more fun to him.


Bullet; White Neutral
Bullet; Yellow Acquaintance
Bullet; Blue Friend
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Good Friend
Bullet; Green Best Friend
Bullet; Pink Crush
Bullet; Red Love
Bullet; Purple Platonic Love
Bullet; Orange Uncertainty
Bullet; Black Dislike
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Hate

[NPC]Bullet; Blue Spectre: "Hmmmmmmm I don't know. Despite the somewhat grotesque vomiting quirk, Spectre is...bearable."

[Player]Bullet; BlackBullet; OrangeBullet; Purple Ziggy: "Only now is he beginning to put the pieces together. Hehe, what a pity. Let's just hope he sees reason and learns to stay out of my way. I would hate to see my old friend get caught in the crossfire."

[Player]Bullet; WhiteEvermore:"Evermore seems alright, if a bit too nice for their own good."

[Player]Bullet; White Oz: "Just a typical player, I believe. Nothing that special, besides his electricity ability. I wonder why that Apollo guy was after him..."

[Player]Bullet; Black Apollo: "Hmmm, his power is awfully interesting. But the player himself is too much of a killjoy for my liking."

[Player]Bullet; Yellow Trebelle: "I fought alongside her in the Second Level of Fear. I wasn't exactly thinking of making friends here in the Dreamscape, but it's always good to have allies I suppose. Plus, there's something awfully familiar about her..."

RP Example:

(From my roleplay with cyncii for the first level of fear.)

Crawlerbug growled and hissed as the bat, the little /pest/, zapped away at its brethren. However, soon enough its army of insects overwhelmed the pesky players. Crawlerbug's voice boomed as they squirmed and scurried away. "Hehehe, you look really funny! Are you dancing? Ants in your pants?" it taunted over the bugs' clicks and hisses. Concealed by the swarm, the boss darted towards the players at a rapid pace, its stingers laced with poison. "Want to taste something /nice/?" it hissed. Unfortunately, the poison itself wouldn't be strong enough to kill. However, if the players kept nice and still, they would at least be slowed down enough to be finished off later.

"Damn it, damn it, /damn it/!" Ziggy yelled in frustration, shuddering at the boss's deafening voice. The mouse rushed towards his two allies as he saw them get beleaguered by the swarm. Putting his trumpet up to his mouth, the musician barraged the mass of flies and insects, hoping to cover Oz and Cascade while they retreated. Each hit ended in an explosion of color now that his offensive capabilities were boosted, but even so, his attacks were fruitless. There were too many of them, and soon enough they would be after him next.

Once both of his allies had come back to him and were safe for the time being, Ziggy noticed Cascade rubbing at her shoulder. "You alright?" He waved away her paw and placed a hand on the shoulder, taking a quick look at the injury. The bites looked like just ordinary bug bites, but who knew what else this boss was capable of.  "L-listen, Cascade, Oz. I-I can't beat this guy in my current form." Ziggy could hear the tremble in his voice. Was he actually nervous? The mouse glanced back at the swarm that charged towards the three of them, only to see a strange form among the insects. His eyes widened. /Crawlerbug/, he thought. Oz would probably be able to evade the boss's attacks on his own, but Cascade was hurt. In a surge of adrenaline, perhaps from both the violet aura he created and panic, Ziggy harshly shoved the green cat out of the way and turned to face the mass of insects.


We want to forget, but even as we lay our heads back and force our eyes to rest, we hear the taps and scuttles of those little creatures – the flapping of moth wings as they try to reach the light.
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